Blocking Operation and Control


In this project I am learning how to plan a storyboard. I am also understanding how blocking, lighting and camera angles can help create a powerful scene. I am also learning important skills like how to use a camera and how to plan shots. In the end our team filmed, edited, and published a complete short film.

Terms and Concepts

Blocking and Movement

Block – determining where the actors will be on the set and the first camera position

Light – time for the DOP, or cinematographer, to light the set and position the camera for the first shot

Rehearse – camera rehearsal of the first set-up with the actors and crew

Adjustments – making lighting and other adjustments

Shoot – shooting the first scene (then repeat the process)


  • Day 1
    • Plan with group
    • Finish storyboard
  • Day 2
    • Set up equipment
    • Film a team
  • Day 3
    • Be filmed
    • Organize files
  • Day 4
    • Import files
    • Begin editing
  • Day 5
    • Finish editing
    • Organize files
  • Day 6
    • Finish blog
    • Submit blog post

Project Skills Evidence

Soap Smell Storyboard 1

What I Learned

I Learned far more than I could ever write down. To begin with, I learned what blocking even was, and how to use it to my advantage. In learned about strong and weak movements, and stage positions. I also Learned Blocking positions such as ‘Apart/Close facing.’ But most importantly I learned how to problem solve. The biggest problem my team had was uploading our files onto the computer. After an hour of struggle we finally decided to upload our videos to YouTube and download it off the internet. The next problem my team faced was that our file sizes did not sync up in premier. Which resulting in unpleasant cropping. We solved this problem by, cutting to the other camera when the cropping interfered with our video. Overall I consider this project a success. While our film is somewhat, laughable. I still learned a lot.

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